Liam Payne is ‘thankful’ to 1D fans for decade-long support

The only thing One Direction has more of than hit songs is ex-girlfriends. Within six years, the four dudes have collectively dated almost 20 girls. It’s an impressive figure, especially given the fact that they spend at least 9 months of the year on the road. Do you have any idea how hard it is to carry on a long-distance relationship when you have spotty-at-best access to wifi? Facetiming with fickle internet is no way to fuel love. As such, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everyone who has been linked to 1D. As Zayn Malik tragically left the band, we’ve left Perrie Edwards and Gigi Hadid off the list, but shoutout to them anyway! Dating a member of one of the biggest bands in the world may have its perks, but it can also lead to being hounded by fans and media outlets alike.

One Direction’s Liam Payne opens up about his new girlfriend

Why are Directioners talking about those other guys instead of the father-to-be? Fans are wondering who will be next. Harry Styles and Niall Horan are the only members of the group without kids. Fans were quick to point this out on Twitter, joking about who will be next, and speculating that the guys will be probably be asked about fatherhood in interviews.

Niall is the 1D member who’s friendly with most of the guys, in part and Louis, after six years of having fans convinced they’re secretly dating.

While it was fun having the band together for six long years, their time as a band was reaching its endpoint. Even though there have been a million theories as to why the band decided to call it quits, was member rivalry and jealousy the main reasons for their breakup? While many fans hoped the band would get back together after taking a hiatus to focus on their own lives, it turns out that their break soon became permanent.

While the foursome remains good friends to this day, their relationship with Zayn Malik, who left the group in March , is still a little rocky. While the members of One Direction have had their issues in the past, a rivalry was never the reason behind their split. Even though many news outlets continue to stand by that claim, Louis Tomlinson recently shut down yet another platform for spreading lies about the group. Typical unprovoked venom from The Mirror. We are always hearing of groups breaking up to pursue solo careers and while many fans would have loved for One Direction to stay together, going their separate ways was the best option for everyone.

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Who Is Niall Horan’s Rumored GF?

It’s been four years since One Direction announced to the world that they were going on hiatus. Fans who have been with the boys from the beginning were devastated by the news that their favorite boyband was disbanding indefinitely. Although it was the end of the road for One Direction, it didn’t mean the end of their music careers. Each member has embarked on a solo career in which he has been incredibly successful!

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There is a double standard surrounding fans of boy bands, and it has nothing to do with gender—it has to do with age. No fans get as unfairly dumbed down as boy band fans, particularly One Directions’. To assume that all fans of boy bands are consumerized teenage girls is not only incorrect, but it disqualifies a large percentage of the fandom who are actually adult women and men. Consider the canon: Every boyband from The Monkees to The Backstreet Boys has left an imprint on generations of teenage superfans.

Every woman remembers the boy band of their youth because that music often represents a first promise of romance, seductive to pubescent girls for obvious reasons. A recent segment on NPR stipulated that through the boy band archetype, young girls latch onto boy bands as a way to define and make sense of the love and sexuality looming up ahead.

Will One Direction Reunite In 2020? Here’s Why Fans Think It’s Happening

Are you his best friend or his ex? Let’s see where they belong! And I might never be the one who brings you flowers

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I worked in K-pop for years and have dealt with the rollercoaster ride that is intense fandoms, particularly BTS fans. And despite seeing a lot of crazy stuff happen, the intense obsession that surrounds super popular boy bands continue to astound and surprise me in ways I never expected. Despite Louis denying this whole conspiracy and Harry not saying anything about it, the fanbase were adamant about this, which led to a boom in Larry Stylinson fanfics because people just wanted it to be true so frigging badly.

I bring this conspiracy up in because it has caught fire once again thanks to Zendaya and a scene from her teen drama show, Euphoria. Not only is the fanfic an incredibly, uh, descriptive piece of Harry comforting a nervous Louis before a concert with oral sex, it is all depicted visually through some very striking animation. The fanfic is a bit meh but it at least looks great. Needless to say that this scene from Euphoria stirred up the buzz and loins Larry Stylinson fans and it started blowing up online all over again.

Unsurprisingly, it has stirred the pot something fierce and sparked something potentially terrifying between One Directioners and Kpoppers. This whole harrystylesisgoingtojailparty thing by Kpop fans came out of nowhere and makes no sense, but it is perhaps best summarised with this tweet :. Not many people know this but I was born and raised in Parkes, which is in the middle of rural New South Wales.

One Direction Fans Lose It After Liam Payne Hints at 10-Year Anniversary Reunion Project

The year was the era of musical reunions, as the Pussycat Dolls, the Jonas Brothers, and My Chemical Romance all reunited within months of each other. Ever since One Direction began their indefinite hiatus in , fans have been waiting year after year for the group to finally make their epic return as well. A reunion has seemed less likely as the years pass and all the members of 1D thrive as solo artists, but, now, a recent update has fans convinced One Direction will reunite in

A reunion has seemed less likely as the years pass and all the members of 1D thrive as solo artists, but, now, a recent update has fans convinced.

Okay, maybe it hasn’t been that long since 1D went on hiatus, but it has been long enough that Directioners are collectively losing their minds over hints of a reunion. The band first came together under the guidance of Simon Cowell and the British version of “The X Factor” in the summer of , which means there’s a big anniversary coming up for the group. And even though they’ve been focusing on their solo careers since even longer for Zayn , that doesn’t mean they don’t want to mark such a momentous occasion.

At least that’s what Liam suggested to The Sun in a new interview on Thursday. But it’s been more than just nostalgia and catching up for the boys. Admitting that he wasn’t really sure what he was allowed to say, Liam nevertheless said just enough to spark the flames of enthusiasm among the group’s still massive fanbase. According to The Daily Mail , he went so far as to promise fans “a number of different things” from the group. He also wasn’t clear on whether all five members would be coming together.

Zayn famously left the band in , a full year before the others put it officially in hiatus. As the speculation begins as to whether fans can expect new music, a documentary with unreleased footage, a reunion special or even a live event with the boys performing both group and solo work maybe the long-awaited “Infinity” video? In the meantime, Directioners are having as much fun geeking out over the band now in anticipation as they have for the past decade, getting OneDirection trending on Twitter:.

OneDirection Our moods rn: pic. I just can’t handle my emotions right now, I just don’t want to get excited because they also promised us 18 months OneDirection pic.

Fans think Niall Horan and Ellie Goulding are dating again

In , he auditioned as a solo contestant on the British music competition series The X Factor. He was eliminated as a solo performer before he was put into a group with four other contestants, forming One Direction. The band has released five albums , embarked on four world tours, and won nearly awards.

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It’s every young One Direction fan’s fantasy. A friend of a fanatical Australian fan, known only as Lachlan, has claimed a ‘top heavy’ groupie has slept with Harry Styles, 21, Zayn Malik, 22, and Niall Horan, 21, at separate Australian concerts over the years – before they got in relationships. Scroll down for video.

Most popular Harry: A top heavy fan has worked her way through three One Direction members including Style, pictured in Adelaide on Tuesday Zayn and Niall before any were in relationships, it has been claimed. The exact details of how the reported meetings took place is not clear since a hesitant Lachlan told the show: ‘What I know I can’t divulge on air,’ adding: ‘All I can say is that she’s been with three When pressed for more detail and how he knows about the incidents, he said: ‘She’s down in Melbourne at the moment, she got a phone call from the security guards and got invited down there.

Come hither! Zayn Malik is said to have been one of the three the Australian fan has slept with after she was plucked from the audience by the band’s security guards. Asked if she was pretty, he paused, before replying: ‘Well He went on: ‘The other night my girlfriend and I got a phone message from her saying she wasn’t coming home and was staying down there [Melbourne] because the boys are going to Adelaide and they’re on their way back.

One Direction would date fans